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"This incarnation of Espresso was a first time experience for my friend and me. As the applause subsided and the actors left the stage, we sat silently for a good five minutes before we could bring ourselves to leave. Yes, we actually wished that Lucia and Robert would return to the stage immediately after the curtain call to ‘play’ the play again. This is truly the mark of an extraordinary theatre experience. Lucia and Robert’s characters moved through each other like quicksilver, round, full and fearless. Espresso exposed family complexity’s raw nerve and explored the minefield negotiation of our profound relationships, lost and found. Lucia is a Canadian playwright whose voice rings as strong as the espresso in the cup." | Cheryl Mullen, patron (website comment)

"It doesn’t get much better than this." | Paul Durras, BC Book World

"Go for Frangione’s poetry that falls like ripe fruit from a tree. Go for the humour; there’s plenty of it. Go for the taste-bud teasing references to all that Italian food; it’s the next best thing to being in love and in Italy. And then go home and dance with whomever is there: your lover, your kids, your dog, your cat." | Jo Ledingham,

"Lucia Frangione’s Espresso is a pure, generous gift that reduced me to tears. It’s also one of the best arguments for Christianity I’ve encountered... Espresso’s heart is so pure. Nowhere is that more evident than in Frangione’s performance. Vivid and compassionate in every character, she delivers her story with the sincerity of an offering." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"The actors are tremendous at playing this multi-character drama. They don and discard personas quickly and with apparent ease. They draw attention to the craft of acting and remind us all people are pretty much the same underneath: human beings in need of love." | Michael Groberman, The Huffington Post

"Frangione’s use of the English language is satisfying and unsettling at the same time. Not too many words, not too few. She uses phrases like “black grace” and “strange mercy” that melt the heart. Her robust rendition of her characters is bittersweet." | Margaret Ritchie, Church of Vancouver

"I saw Espresso in its first incarnation, and it never left me. When I saw you were remounting it in this season I went with my young Italian friend. This play is poetry, and possibly the best indie play I’ve ever seen. It is about such real people, yet Lucia brings out their other-ness; how they are so Italian, and yet so recognizable to us all. It is intimate and universal. I want to know them all, and yet understand why Rosa distanced herself from them until this tragedy. Bravo again and again!" | Ellie O'Day, patron (website comment)

"Frangione’s script is beautifully poetic, mesmerizing in its tone, both touching in it’s quiet moments and intense, driving the story forward like a freight train. At times Rosa breaks the fourth wall and tells us in the audience; this is ‘her story’; and as such we see the entire journey through her eyes. I don’t think it is possible for me to put into words how good this show really is." | Megan Gray, Vancity Buzz

"It is in the relationship between Amante and the women where Frangione finds the spiritual center of her play, using the often times tumultuous relationship we can have with our lovers as a symbol for the equally challenging connection with our gods. At times looking for solace in their arms, or wounded by their seeming indifference to what really matters, Frangione has been able to extract the essence of an often times complex spiritual quest, to a relatable metaphor. But while it all may sound very intellectual, heady and faith-based, Frangione skillfully combines it seamlessly with a humanity that is also surprisingly funny and very real." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"What a great show; the venue was intimate, the performance engaging and the writing brilliant! We really our enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you." | Pauline Tonkin, patron (Facebook)

"Espresso is well written, directed, and acted, making it a must-see for anyone who’s ever struggled with how to convey their thoughts and beliefs." | MJ Ankenman, Vancouverscape

"The language of this play is so poetic and gorgeously written. That in itself is worth coming to the show. But the storyline will touch you and hook you in, making you wish the intermission were shorter so that you can get right back into the plot." | Alan Woo, Fun Fun Vancouver

"The requisite attentiveness and percipience to this production definitely has its reward. I hope Vancouver theatre-goers don’t have to wait a further eleven years for another taste of Espresso." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"This show was fantastic! Make time to see this genius in action." | Beth Ringdahl, patron (Facebook)

"The production is assured, sustained by the dynamic between Frangione and Salvador. Stancil Campbell’s set and lighting suited the tone of the play, with its diaphanous curtains echoing both boudoir and hospital bed, and the evocative sight and sound of the set’s rain-spattered window serves as a backdrop." | Clara Kumagai, Prism Magazine


@j_baerg: Still pondering @PacificTheatre's #Espresso. It is an absolute must see. Funny, heart-breaking, challenging, bold and full of life. #cried

@akellumcreer: Never awaken love until it's ripe. ~ @LuciaFrangione is radiant and true in #ptEspresso, on @PacificTheatre until June 14.

@laurenolmstead: Espresso @PacificTheatre is a must see! I love theatre!

@kimleifso: "Skinny people are famous. Happy people are always a bit fat" from "Espresso", another great @PacificTheatre event!

@loretta_walsh: @LuciaFrangione I saw your play 'Espresso' today @PacificTheatre. Lucia, what a gift - beautiful work. Thank you so much.#theatre #Vancouver

@teresatrovato: I was fortunate enough to see @LuciaFrangione's Espresso tonight @PacificTheatre. What an incredibly moving piece of work!

@captivethunder: Another stunning production of @LuciaFrangione 's "Espresso" at @PacificTheatre. I love this play! #ptEspresso

@theatre_20: Saw @PacificTheatre's Espresso last night. Moved and inspired. This production is a thing of beauty. #Theatre at its best. GO just GO. #yvr

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