Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mar 14-20: Underneath The Lintel | Chutzpah Festival

Chutzpah Festival is upon us (March 4 - April 8) - with our good friends the Rosedale On Robson Suite Hotel as Presenting Sponsor! Cool. Lots to see, the one that most hooks my curiosity is this one. Must find out if my hunch about the "figure who may be more man than myth" is right - and hoping the Da Vinci Code reference doesn't amount to much...

Presented with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad and The Cultch

The return of an overdue library book - 113 years late - piques the nascent detective skills of an uptight Dutch librarian who embarks on a quixotic, globe trotting pursuit of the anonymous borrower and returner.

The scribbled note "I was here" in the book's margin and a yellowed claim check from a London dry cleaner are the first two clues. His quest to unravel the mystery then leads him to a post office box in Dingtao, China; a government records bureau in Bonn; a sound and photo archive in New York; and an attic in Australia.

Christian Murray, superb in the role of the Librarian, leads the audience on a winding trail through history to a mystery that dates back to the Crucifixion and a figure who may be more man than myth.

"...a cosmic puzzle that makes "The Da Vinci Code" seem like a game of hide-and-seek." Variety Magazine

"...powerfully human and ultimately sublime." Variety

"Underneath The Lintel is an intriguing piece, poetic, funny and ultimately reminded me of how important it is to find passion in life and to go after it. And Christian is the perfect actor for it - he captures the loneliness and the fragility of the character who emerges from a grey existence into a world of glorious technicolour with great subtlety." Marcia Kash

Sunday, March 14 @ 2pm & 7pm
Monday, March 15 @ 8pm
Wednesday, March 17 @ 7pm
Thursday, March 18 @ 7pm
Saturday, March 20 @ 7pm
Norman Rothstein Theatre

By Glen Berger
Produced by Frankie Productions
Starring Christian Murray
Directed by Mary Vingoe
Set Design Stephen Osler
Lighting Design Ingrid Risk

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