Friday, March 12, 2010

Mar 10-14 | I WAS MEANT FOR THE STAGE | Set List

Act One
Invocation | Joel | Putting It Together, Stephen Sondheim
This Is It! | Ben, Ron & Company | The Bugs Bunny Show, Mack David and Jerry Livingston
Muse Of Fire | Ron | Henry V, William Shakespeare
Hamlet | Ben, Kaitlin | Sing This,
Joel's Story
Theatre and Dreaming | Ron | Writing In Restaurants, David Mamet
Tinkerbelle | Kaitlin | 'dentity Crisis, Christopher Durang
Climbing Uphill | Shay | The Last 5 Years, Jason Robert Brown
Audition | Alison | Audition, Robert Lepage
Shay's Story
Audition | Shay, Ben | Private Eyes, Steven Dietz
Kaitlin's Story
Do Less | Alison, Joel | A Life In The Theatre, David Mamet
Junius Brutus Booth, A Swallower, or Swedish Passion | Ron
Twelfth Night | Rebecca, Joel, Kaitlin | A Bright Particular Star, Ron Reed
Rebecca's Story
Orson Welles, Tyrone Guthrie, and
David Mamet, Arthur O'Shaughnessey, or Steven Soderbergh | Ron
The Show Must Go On | Company | Queen

Act Two
18th Century Playbill | Ron, Shay, Joel | Behind Our Scenes, Royal Shakespeare Company
Why Must The Show Go On? | Joel | Noel Coward
Death of a Salesgirl | Kaitlin, Alison | by Kaitlin Williams
Ben's Story
Sensitive Artist | Ben | King Missile
This Is A Play | Shay, Ben, Kaitlin | Daniel MacIvor
Alison's Story
Work The World Has Need Of | Rebecca, Joel | A Bright Particular Star, Ron Reed
Letter | Ron | George MacDonald
Kirsty's Story
I Was Meant For The Stage | Company | The Decemberists

The Company
Alison Chisholm, Pacific Theatre administrator, former apprentice
Benjamin Miller, Pacific Theatre apprentice
Catriona Day, cellist
Frank Nickel, Pacific Theatre production manager
Jackie Faulkner, choreographer
Jess Howell, stage manager
Joel Stephanson, Pacific Theatre apprentice
Jonathan Ng, pianist
Kaitlin Williams, Pacific Theatre apprentice
Kathy Parsons, Pacific Theatre literary manager
Kirsty Provan, former Pacific Theatre apprentice (Saturday night only)
Rebecca deBoer, former Pacific Theatre administrator
Rick Colhoun, drummer
Ron Reed, Pacific Theatre artistic director
Shalyn McFaul, Pacific Theatre apprentice

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