Friday, March 26, 2010

Audition Notice: CHICKENS, Gallery 7

Our friends at Gallery 7 in Abbotsford are producing Lucia's CHICKENS this spring. Below is their audition notice. It's all in the PT family as former apprent Joyce Chung will be directing this one!

Gallery 7 Theatre proudly presents

A quirky musical comedy by Lucia Frangione

Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 6:30 PM
MEI Theatre, 4081 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford.

If it's possible for life to imitate art, is it also possible for life to imitate the chicken coop? Facing bankruptcy and the loss of his prairie farm, Pal risks nearly everything, including his family, by focussing on raising a flock of exotic chickens.

Meanwhile, in the barnyard, where life in the coop strangely parallels the plight of their human characters, a gaggle of hens and roosters scratch out a living producing eggs and contemplating the big questions of poultry life. Written by one of Canada's up-and-coming major playwrights, this is a hilarious musical-comedy that will have you laughing and pondering all night long.


This audition is open to all male & female performers ages 16 and up to perform in this quirky musical by Canadian playwright, Lucia Frangione. Interested individuals are asked to prepare a short musical number in their normal range for the audition, as well as to sign up ahead of time by calling 604-504-5940 or emailing

Casting Requirements

PAL GRANDFIELD: A middle-aged broke Alberta farmer. Pal is a tender-hearted, philosophical dreamer and a whimsical romantic. When facing great odds he retreats inwards and shuts himself off from his loved ones and the rest of the world. He is searching for a sense of power and belonging and yearns to be freed from the guilt and feeling of failure that he carries.

LIZA GRANDFIELD: Pal's wife. She is a prairie woman of great industry and vivacity, a determined optimist. Liza smiles in the face of sorrow with a vengeance and cannot afford the luxury of anger or self-pity and never plays the victim. She confronts great odds head on and often takes over where Pal leaves off. Liza is getting anxious about getting too old to have children. She secretly wishes Pal would be more assertive and attentive.

BUTTER BALL: A silver spangled bantam hen. She is Liza's heart: she lives in the past, is old fashioned, religious, and yearns to be protected and provided for. This lonely aging beauty queen is nurturing, sweet, cheerful and lusty.

HIS NIBS: A silver spangled bantam rooster. He is Pal's intellect and creativity. He is traumatized by the demise of his brother, leaving him with a profound a sense of guilt, fear and loss of confidence, particularly in his masculinity. He is self-sufficient, cultured and elevated.

ALPHONSO: A Plymouth bard rock bantam rooster. He is Pal's machismo: proud, aggressive and stubborn. He embodies what's left of Pal's randy old world domineering red-neck sensibilities. Alphonso is also very playful, sexy, vulnerable, truthful and audacious.

STEWER: A renegade mass-production laying hen. She is Liza's ferociouos pride: fiercely independent, a controlling, tough, wary survivor. She is very strong and willing to take on any adversary, in fact, almost invites conflict as a sort of safe intimacy. She feels homely and unworthy of love and uses honesty as a cruel weapon. She is loyal and passionate when decides to trust.

The Setting:
A family farm in central Alberta, Canada, 1984.

Please register ahead of time by calling

You may also register online by clicking here.
For complete details on the show, please click here.

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