Monday, March 15, 2010

Apr 5-9: Vancouver apartment needed for indie film shoot

Have you got a Vancouver apartment for a small indie film shoot? My movie-making buddy Stefan Wrenshall needs it.

"We begin shooting our feature film on April 5th. The couple who own the location scheduled for that stretch of production (April 5th to 9th) have had a serious medical issue arise and although they are still willing to let us shoot there I think it Is best if we find an alternate location. We are looking for a funky, centrally located apartment which in the script belongs to a couple of starving artists... NOTHING untoward occurs in the scenes. We have a small location fee, are fully insured. The cast and crew for these scenes are minimal, probably no more than seven people at one time. We'd be there from 8:30 until 6 pm. We are actually scheduled there 4 days, we are out evening of the eighth but want to cover ouR derrieres with the extra day."

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