Monday, March 01, 2010

Videomatica Alternative Oscars Contest

It's Oscar season and we at PT love a good film almost as much as we love a good play. Unfortunately no one's asked us to vote on the "real" Oscars yet - don't ask me why. Until that day arrives our friends at Videomatica are hosting their own Oscars Contest that we can vote in... and while we're at it donate a couple tickets to REFUGE OF LIES for their prize bucket (hint hint.) The official writeup is below:

Can a Michael Jackson documentary that was never supposed to exist be a bona fide Best Picture contender?

Are adult film star Sasha Grey and singer Mariah Carey legitimate film actors?

Can Mike Tyson's tiger out-act a robot, "prawn", a cartoon Doberman, and a hallucinatory iguana?

These are just a few of the exciting contenders in Videomatica's Alternative Oscars Contest. They've picked the nominees and now you can pick the winners!

There are more than 20 entertainment prizes to be won, including gift subscriptions to Blu-ray and DVD Rentals by Mail, and tickets to Refuge of Lies from Pacific Theatre!

Enter by March 7th at for your chance to win!

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