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re:union | audience response

Re:Union, by Sean Devine

"Three gripping performances guide us through the intellectual and philosophical deep waters of this play. Co-produced by Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and Pacific Theatre, Re:Union fulfills the mandate of both companies—to produce tough, compelling, thought-provoking theatre." | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"A lot of theatre wants to make you think, but it’s an all-too-rare experience in Vancouver that after the curtain falls, you race home to research more about a play’s subject matter." | Andrea Warner, The Westender

"Re:Union provides a thorough moral and intellectual workout, which makes it as unusual as it is welcome in Vancouver’s current theatre scene. And the physical production is gorgeous." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Re:Union asks a series of fascinating questions about guilt and responsibility, the need to take action against the unconscionable and the prices to be paid for inaction and for inappropriate action. John Langs’ stylish Pacific Theatre/Horseshoes & Hand Grenades co-production fills the tiny 12th Avenue theatre space with very strong acting and some of the most impressive lighting (John Webber), sound (Noah Drew) and projection effects (Jason H. Thompson) ever seen there." | Jerry Wasserman, The Province

“Pacific Theatre has constantly produced fine productions of plays relevant to Christians. In the opening production of its new season, it has excelled even the high standard it has set for itself. Re:Union is by any standard a great play; given the fine production it has been accorded, it is one which demands to be viewed by all.” Alan Charlton, The B.C. Catholic

"Re:Union is theatre of the best sort: fresh, engaging, and bursting with an important, timely message. It does not only offer an evening’s entertainment, but weeks and months of contemplation; as your mind will surely return to ponder its story, staging, and purpose, making it an experience that grows richer and more meaningful with time." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR

"What an amazing show! Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend. I can’t fathom where to start my praise, so I won’t even try. From the buzz on Twitter, I’d say I’m not the only one who was completely amazed." MW

"May I encourage you to consider seriously seeing this production. It is a terrific example of contemporary theatre at its best. The drama unfolds at the intersection of the political and personal, the historical and contemporary, the universal and the particular. It explores the consequences of our actions and inactions - intended or unintended. It explores matters of ethics - and the call to go beyond ethics when it is required. The acting is strong throughout; staging is imaginative. I was quickly drawn into the story, deeply engaged and challenged. One of the best things PT has done." Rudi Krause, subscriber

"Cast is also brilliant – Alexa Devine plays the grown up one year old with steely determination and conflicted emotions. She has come to Washington as an adult to confront Robert McNamara former Secretary of Defense and the man responsible for escalating the war. Andrew Wheeler does a remarkable job playing a strong man being eaten away from the inside by doubt. Evan Frayne plays the father in flashbacks with a thoughtful pain that makes you question – is he quietly sane or secretly insane" | David C. Jones, OutTV

"Just saw the matinee show today - so powerful! The acting, set, script - excellent performance!" Vera, blog response

"It was transforming to be able to step back from our lives and enter into the world of Robert McNamara and Norman Morrison. Re:Union was a sensory event, combining live theater with an audio visual art installation. Definitely a technical masterpiece. Thank you for making our week!” Tom and Kim Balke, audience

"Sean Devine, in his first new play offers a well-imagined and thought-provoking work." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Thank you to actors Alexa Devine, Andrew Wheeler and Norman Morrison for their moving performances and to Sean Devine for writing this thought-provoking play." | Alyzee Akhani, Being Emme

"A compelling exploration of a small piece of American history within its larger context, Devine proves himself a playwright to watch. Not since Peter Morgan’s Frost/Nixon have I found American politics so interestingly portrayed on stage." | Mark Robins,

"The staging is remarkable. A talented team of sound and set designers are behind this production, including Stage Manager Lois Dawson, Production Manager Frank Nickel, and Technical Director Jessica Howell. It’s brilliantly executed over the course of two hours (with a 15 minute intermission). Elements are worked down to the finest detail, from video footage to lighting techniques to sound." | Ariane, Ariane C. Designs

"Provocative and intellectually rigorous play." | Darren Barefoot, blog

"Well we saw it tonite - profoundly moving and superbly acted and staged. Thanks++" | Paul T.

From Twitter:

@playenthusiast: SOOOOO impressed with Sean Devine's Re:Union @PacificTheatre (co-pro w Horseshoes&HandGrenades).To next Saturday.
@Mimsy26: Seriously, go see Re:Union at @PacificTheatre! Great script, great acting, GREAT production value....Don't miss this!
@troyayoung: Saw Re:Union @PacificTheatre @HHGtheatre last night. Profound. Moving. One of the best plays I've seen in #yvrtheatre ! Thankyou to all!
@JessieRelephant: Totally! Excellent show.
@kelseyhagglund: Saw Re:Union @PacificTheatre last night. Loved it! Poignant message delivered with a certain depth and poise. Great Tech! Go see it!
@zoegrams: Re:Union @PacificTheatre is a superb debut play. Understated, powerful performances & a script that needs pondering - loved it.
@christinequinty: Wow. @PacificTheatre’s Re:Union is so powerful. Especially at this moment in history - bravo all.

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