Friday, November 25, 2011

christmas presence artist profiles | nelson boschman

Those of you who have been around PT for a while know about CHRISTMAS PRESENCE - it's our favourite holiday tradition, and we know that some of you have made it yours too.  It's a night of music and readings that finds that perfect mix between the traditional and the current, the heartfelt and the hilarious.  What you might not know is that all those musicians on stage donate their time to helping us out, and that there is one man who brings them all together: Nelson Boschman.

Nelson is a man of many colours!  There are any number of places you may have encountered him, in Vancouver or his native Abbotsford.  Besides being the music coordinator for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE, Nelson was the musical director for our production of GODSPELL.  He founded the Nelson Boschman Trio and The Mennonite Jazz Committee.

He's also the pastor for Artisan Community Church and used to teach at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford.

He also used to have a lot more hair on his face.

Christmas Presence
Dec. 11: North Vancouver
Dec. 13, 18-19: PT
Dec. 17: Abbotsford

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