Monday, November 28, 2011

CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN | south pacific theatre!

The PT crew joined up with Santa and his sleigh team... and then got lost in the South Pacific! Personally, we're okay with the change of scenery and are perfectly happy to go for a full rebranding (South Pacific Theatre anyone?) and soak up some sun. Donate to our Christmas fundraising campaign if you want to bring us back! (We're looking for $35,000 between now and the end of January)

(...and here's how we're doing on the thirty-five grand...)


Barbara said...

I'll donate just to reward your great seasonal silliness. Would have donated anyway but now there's an additional excuse. Such wonderful creativity!

Barbara (and John) Shaffer
Stanwood Washington USA

Andrea Loewen said...

Thanks Barbara! Glad to hear our antics warm your heart (and wallet). :)