Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas presence artist profiles | laurell

Songstress Laurell has performed with CHRISTMAS PRESENCE for the past few years - here's a few fun facts about her and her work!

People can't stop giving Laurell awards and nominations! This year she was nominated for two Canadian Radio Music Awards, and won pop album of the year at the Western Canadian Music Awards!

Every once and a while she releases what she calls her "top 20/20" list on her blog. It's twenty things she (sort of) "knows for sure." Here's the latest:

1.Wearing sanuk sandals all day will make people not want to go near you.
2.Running and coffee might be a little too much for one day.
3.Music is the coolest invention in the world. Creation? Invention? Miracle? All of the above…?
4.Hardwood floors rock.
5.Dance floors are even better.
5.Taking responsibility for your actions is key. Taking responsibility for another is not.
6.Giving a portion of your money away to something worthwhile (aka: starving people, saving animals, preserving the environment), is exactly that. Worthwhile.
7.Having a pair of sunglasses you love can bring a surprising amount of joy to your life. Scratching them does the opposite!
8.Being honest with ourselves helps everything become more clear.
9.Blue couches are the most abundant thing on craigslist. There’s a ton and nobody wants ‘em. I’m serious – go look!
10.When I was 10 my favourite books were about Ramona Quimby.
11.There is totally such thing as too much cowbell.
12.Sailboats are always awesome and sometimes inconvenient. Can you imagine pirates having to wait on the weather to make their getaway?
13.Mirrors make a room look bigger. (I have 6 in my li’l apartment!)
14.Don’t waste your time trying to explain. Any generation above our parents will never understand buying jeans with holes in them.
15.Jamie Delaine is an amazing photographer.
16.Love is sometimes a little bitch with a shotgun.
17.I have two busted cruiser bikes right now. (sniff)
18.Learning how to really hear people is a lost art.
19.Outdoor movies in the park late at night make you feel like you’re 13 again. I saw Ghostbusters last night and caught myself cheering along when the giant stay-puff marshmallow man exploded.
20.If you haven’t seen these movies, you need to rectify it right now. Go on, it’s never too late for classics: MARY POPPINS, GOONIES, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, MY FAIR LADY, STAR WARS, ET, GRAND NATIONAL, TOP GUN, THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!!!

Finally, she has toured with another PT artist! Can you recognize him in this video she shot from the road? HINT: he was in YOU STILL CAN'T and YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, played music for GODSPELL and is a CHRISTMAS PRESENCE regular. Still not sure? His name starts with a "B" end ends with an "rett".

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