Wednesday, November 30, 2011

christmas carol | artistic director notes

Ron's first set of notes as artistic director, performer, and adapter of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

It may sound strange for me to say this about an old chestnut like A CHRISTMAS CAROL, but for me this show is beginning to feel like one of those personal artistic landmarks - those shows you end up thinking back on as your greatest, or most meaningful, experiences as an artist. This story, this role connects with me as deeply as my experiences in DAMIEN, SHADOWLANDS, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS - roles that at first glance might seem more substantial, more serious, more demanding. But, especially working with Dickens' original text, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge is anything but frivolous or sentimental. This story plays for keeps. Dickens' language is extraordinary, his passion for justice electrifying, his insights into the human heart substantial.

As an artistic director of a very busy, very small, and very artistically ambitious theatre, I don't get to act as often as I'd like. But what's great about my situation is that I never have to do a role, or a show, I don't believe in. But even more than most, this one matters to me. There's something about it that feels essential to what my life is about: in the process of rehearsal, (and of learning all those lines!), I'm starting to figure out what.

adapted by Ron Reed from the novel by Charles Dickens
Dec. 2-31
Tickets $16.50-29.50

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