Wednesday, February 08, 2012

feb 2-18 | tempting providence

I've been watching for this one since Angela Konrad first told me about it, years ago. "A fantastic piece of theatre that will no doubt be on my top 10 of all time for all time. Can't wait to see it again."  Talking to Gateway's Artistic Director Simon Johnston recently, he said "I can't believe Pacific Theatre hasn't done this one." So I'm thinking it's a Soul Food must-see.    

February 2-18
Richmond Gateway
tix online

The first British settlers to arrive in Newfoundland found the climate too harsh and headed south to Virginia. It took sterner stuff in the form of London-born nurse, Myra Bennett, to endure the region’s bleak weather and conquer its stubborn inhabitants. Nurse Bennett traveled by foot, horse, dogsled, and boat to deliver babies, set bones, and extract teeth on an isolated 320-kilometer stretch of roadless coast. Tempting Providence is an intriguingly-staged story of courage and strength based on the remarkable life of the outport nurse who became known as “the Florence Nightingale of the North.”

“It’s just one of the things that art gives us—an ability to see beyond the ordinary in our everyday lives and grasp the extraordinary at its heart.” —Toronto Sun

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