Monday, February 27, 2012

march 6-11 | goodness

Coming up at The Firehall Arts Centre...

The story of a Jewish-Canadian writer, the descendant of Holocaust survivors, who after a heatbreak, goes on a journey to uncover his past. By chance, he meets a woman who has lived through a much more recent genocide. Together they explore individual responsibility, prejudice and revenge as the stage fills with music from around the world from Ukraine to Croatia to Zimbabwe.

Winner of the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe First Award, Toronto’s Volcano Theatre has been touring this stunning and passionate production for 7 years to great acclaim.

March 6 to 11, 2012
Talkback March 8
8pm Tuesday through Saturday
2pm Sunday matinee
1pm Wednesday matinee
At The Firehall Arts Centre
Tickets: 604.689.0926

A Firehall Arts Centre, Chutzpah! Festival and Touchstone Theatre Co-Presentation
Produced by Volcano Theatre
Written by Michael Redhill
Directed by Ross Manson
Sets and Costumes by Teresa Przybylski
Musical Direction by Brenna MacCrimmon
Sound by John Gzwoski
Lighting Design by Rebecca Picherack

Performed by Paul Braunstein, Layne Coleman, Lili Francks, Tara Hughes, Jack Nicholsen and Amy Rutherford

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