Tuesday, February 28, 2012

doubt | meet leslie lewis sword

Any of you who made it out for our Fringe Festival series in 2009 probably saw Leslie Lewis Sword in her one-woman show MIRACLE IN RWANDA.  Now she's back as Mrs. Muller in DOUBT and we couldn't be happier!

Fun facts about Leslie:
  • She splits her time between Vancouver and Naples, Florida.
  • Not just a pretty face, she's a Harvard graduate!
  • After Harvard she got her MFA in acting from UCLA.
  • Not just a Harvard graduate, Leslie is also a competitive bikini model. She's competed on many levels, won a handful of titles, and was featured in Fitness Print!

In order to introduce her to you, we asked her to draw a self-portrait. Here's what she sent in:

Interpret away!


David Forsyth said...

oddly enough the web server for http://www.miracleinrwanda.com/ isn't able to get you to the content as is; if you use http://www.miracleinrwanda.com/index.htm that will get you to the home page.

Andrea Loewen said...

Thanks David, I've fixed the link.