Tuesday, February 28, 2012

march 16 | passionate embrace: faith, art, tango

An exciting project exploring faith and art through the medium of the tango. Below is Regent student Sandra Vander Schaaf's open invitation to witness the public presentation of the final project for her Master's degree.

An Integrative Project in Art and Theology
Readings and Photography by Sandra Vander Schaaf
Argentine Tango Demonstration by Special Guests
Refreshments to follow
As you may know, I've been working on a writing project for the last couple of years, about my experience in the world of Argentine Tango and the ways this experience has intersected with my faith and spirituality. Tango has given me so much since my first tentative steps on the dance floor! This writing project is an attempt to convey my gratitude to the dance, the music, and the people that have enriched my life so deeply.

When the opportunity arose to write this book within the context of a Masters degree, I decided to "feed two birds with one hand" and apply to Regent College and their Integrative Project in Arts and Theology (IPIAT) program. This turned the project into more than just a book since the degree requirements include not only a "significant work of art" (which is my book), but an academic paper on the theological significance of the work, and a public presentation of the work ( which is the artsy equivalent of a thesis defence). The public presentation is set for March 16th and you are invited!

The presentation will begin at 7:30pm, but you are encouraged to come early. A number of local tangueros will be dancing in the chapel starting shortly after 7pm, to give you a taste of tango's music, dance, and the social etiquette of a milonga. You may also want to take time to look through a small exhibit of my tango photography before the official program begins.

The program will consist of readings from work, two short tango demonstrations, and a question and answer period that will begin with questions from my examiners and continue with questions from the audience. There will be refreshments served in the Atrium afterward, catered by the Just Work Economic Initiative (justwork.ca).

The event is free of charge and all are welcome.

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