Wednesday, February 15, 2012

doubt | headphones

Who would have thought it would be this hard to find a pair of headphones?  We're looking for a pair of classic transistor radio headphones, circa 1964, for our production of DOUBT.

Please email Frank at if you've got a pair that you could share!


Alan Chattaway said...

I remember these!

Your search might go better if you look for "earphone", singular, as these are not "headphones" and they don't come in pairs.

Have you tried Al Sanders at Sound Marketing Industries in Langley? Great place to buy electronic components, and he used to have some old stock in his back room.

If they don't have to actually work with a transistor radio, the high-impedance type look very similar and the first place I googled has several types (see They don't ship outside the US but you probably know someone with a mailing address in the US.

Andrea Loewen said...

Thanks for the tip Alan! Passed your comments along to our production manager.

Andrea Loewen said...

Update: we found some thanks to your help! Thank you Alan!

Alan Chattaway said...

Glad to help.

I don't normally read this blog but came back because in cleaning out a drawerful of electronics parts that goes back to the 1970s I actually found one earphone. But I see you found what you need, so I'll put it back in the pile until next time.