Wednesday, September 11, 2013

fringe | fat mama network + jack the ripper + jake's gift

I haven't spotted any straight up Soul Food in this year's Fringe Festival, but in addition to the show Julia Mackey recommended (I saw it, it's lovely) there are a couple with PT artists involved.  And then right AFTER the Fringe, Julia will be performing the beloved JAKE'S GIFT, which started its life in a PT mask intensive workshop, and played on our stage a couple seasons back.


Depression. Apartheid. The Thai sex trade. These are just a few examples of topics we will not be exploring in this lighthearted comedy. Instead, think about the crazy lady who lives on your block and screams into her telephone-shoe. What if she was suddenly given enough power to run her own national TV network?

Julia Church (GODSPELL), Holly Pillsbury (THE GREAT DIVORCE), Chris Nash (GODSPELL). Sort of directed by Giovanni Mocibob (DOUBT, MY NAME IS ASHER LEV)


Wednesday Sep 11 @ 9:30 PM
Friday Sep 13 @ 8:30 PM
Saturday Sep 14 @ 9:30 PM
Sunday Sep 15 @ 6:00 PM


Jack the Ripper stalked London's East End in 1888. He was never caught but his name has become synonymous with evil. This is a factual look at one of the most notorious series of unsolved murders in the history of crime. A fascinating look at an enduring mystery. A dark ride back through the cobbled streets of Victorian London. Written by a renowned Ripperologist and author of the critically acclaimed book, The First Jack the Ripper Victim Photographs. [content warning]



Friday Sep 13 @ 10:25 PM
Sunday Sep 15 @ 6:30 PM


Jake's Gift is a funny and moving drama that tells the story of a Canadian WW2 veteran's reluctant return to Normandy, France, for the 60th anniversary of D-Day. At its heart, Jake's Gift is about the legacy of remembrance, and personalizes the story behind one soldier's grave. Jake's Gift has been touring the country since 2007 and has played in over 180 communities.

Julia Mackey. Directed by Dirk Van Stralen.

"One of the most theatrically pure shows I have ever seen...Julia Mackey delivers a stunning performance." Katie Nicholson, CBC
"I am a veteran of the 2nd world war, and this play and its performance made a greater impact on me than all the memorial services I have ever attended." Antony Holland, World War II Veteran, Actor, Founder of Studio 58 at Langara College

Fei & Milton Wong Theatre

Thursday Sep 26 @ 1:00 PM
Friday Sep 27 @ 1:00 PM
Saturday Sep 28 @ 6:00 PM
Sunday Sep 29 @ 8:00 PM

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