Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sept. 28-oct. 5 | secret service | damon calderwood

You'll remember Damon Calderwood from his long Pacific Theatre history - from The Pacific Salt Company to The Elephant Man, A Man For All Seasons, Christmas On The Air and Spitfire Grill. On the last of those he was joined by his theatrical partner-in-crime, Gord Roberts - who also shared the stage in their production of Billy Bishop Goes To War.

Fugue Theatre presents SECRET SERVICE
Sept. 28- Oct. 5 @ Performance Works in Granville Island (1218 Cartwright St.)

Secret Service is a 90-minute operetta composed by Neil Weisensel (who has composed 6 full length operas) and written by local playwright Kico Gonzalez-Risso.

When knowledge is too much responsibility...

An abandoned warehouse. A group of mannequins. A masked figure. Mysterious agents. The scene is set for the ultimate spy story, which will mix hilarity with eroticism and horror. A high powered figure, with his bodyguard in tow, enters the warehouse to engage in a secret meeting with his mistress. However, we soon discover that not all is what it appears to be as a whip-yielding dominatrix surfaces who brazenly challenges the figure's position of power. Secret Service challenges our ideologies of knowledge and power in a technological society, while posing questions about privacy, choice and responsibility.

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