Wednesday, September 04, 2013

meet the apprentice | pippa johnstone

Our third apprentice for the season is Pippa Johnstone!  Get to know her here.

Pippa Johnstone

What were you doing last year?:
I just finished up my BFA in Acting at UBC, then I spent my summer in Quebec learning French and eating poutine. Now I’m back and so happy to be at PT.

What are your favourite shows that you've worked on so far?:
Probably last fall’s season at UBC was my favourite; doing two shows back-to-back with my BFA classmates - we put on The Duchess directed by Sarah Rogers, which was a super wild show, and then Dancing at Lughnasa with John Cooper.

What's your non-theatrical specialty?:

What's the number one thing you're excited about doing during your apprenticeship?:
I’m very excited to be a part of the Measure for Measure company with The Honest Fishmongers presented by Pacific Theatre, and am hoping to put on a few self-produced works as well. And on top of all that, getting to know the team behind this beautiful company.

Where have you trained in theatre?:
Like I mentioned, I’ve just finished my BFA at UBC, and before that I did the summer intensive at the Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York.

What was your favourite part of your training?:
At school? Oh man, probably getting to work with the same classmates for three years, building really close relationships and being a part of such a supportive community. That and working with tons of different styles, scripts, directors and teachers.

Is there anything coming up next year in your apprenticeship that will be a brand new experience for you?:
No doubt. I’m really excited to be learning about the practical side of the business, grant writing and contracts and all that.

Your top three categories in Trivial Pursuit? (Invented or real?):
Hm….90s hip hop. Wine. Beyonce. Shakespeare. Counting.

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