Thursday, December 01, 2011

dec. 3 | night vision

Saturday, Dec. 3, 7:00pm
By Donation
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church

In this season's production NIGHT VISION the Eastside Story Guild engages a cast of 40 nieghbourhood children, youth, and adult volunteers to tell the story of Abraham and Sarah’s migrant journey to a land of new opportunity, unlikely alliances, and faith-inspired promises. The biblical story is mirrored by that of a 20th century Trinidadian couple who choose to leave their home-land for a new life in Canada. What long-seeded life dreams reside deep within you?

NEW THIS SEASON! DINNER THEATRE For $20 you can enjoy a Trinidadian inspired meal before the performance on Saturday, Dec 3. Note: This is a fundraising dinner with opportunity to learn more about the vision and work of this unique storytelling community and to become a one-time or regular donor to the work of ESG. To reserve call 604-803-1195 or email

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