Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas carol | the many faces of scrooge

A CHRISTMAS CAROL has been adapted time and time again for film.  Here are just a few of the famous faces that Ron Reed is up against in your memories of Scrooge...

adapted by Ron Reed from the novel by Charles Dickens
Dec. 2-31
Tickets $16.50-29.50


Peter T Chattaway said...

Don't forget Michael Caine!

Karl Petersen said...

If you're a fan of this story, and especially if you're not, I hope you get a chance to see this.

What an impressive production! Superb adaptation, acting, direction, everything about this I loved. I was completely pulled into the story afresh. So emotionally honest. Ron Reed at his best, navigates between a vast hall of characters seamlessly, giving full justice to the beautiful language of Dickens, making it a pure joy and adventure to be immersed in Scrooge's world. The redemption of Scrooge is an immense payoff. Just giddy! Never been so close to Scrooge, which is both sobering and gratifying.

If you need a reminder that we live in a moral universe with personal implications, this will hit to the heart. And if you don't believe in ghosts, this will convert you.

Andrea Loewen said...

Thanks for the review Karl! Glad to see you enjoyed the show.

Peter- I can't believe I missed Michael Caine, of all people. Shameful!