Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas presence artist profiles | spencer capier

The next in our series of artist profiles for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE performers: Spencer Capier! He'll be performing at tonight's final production of CHRISTMAS PRESENCE.

Spencer is a musician extraodinaire who has played on literally 100's of albums for other artists, as producing and even performing as an actor at Pacific Theatre!

Fun facts about Spencer:

-He has been playing with recording artist Carolyn Arends for years, since before she signed a recording contract
-He got his start like so many other musicians: playing coffee shops and small festivals with other artists
-He "likes taking the violin and mandolin into situations that they are not expected."
-His album Instrumental Christmas features (surprise!) instrumental versions of all your favourite Christmas songs, and it always sells quick at CHRISTMAS PRESENCE
-He “just wants to make music you might enjoy while doing the dishes, or perhaps driving in traffic.”

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