Thursday, December 08, 2011

christmas presence artist profiles | jeremy eisenhauer

Jeremy Eisenhauer is rather linked with fellow PT musician Sheree Plett - they are married! They've also got one babe-in-arms, and another on the way. On top of accompanying Sheree in her band, Jeremy occasionally plays his own music with Eisenhauer Music.

Fun facts about Jeremy:
  • He took a hiatus for about a year from Eisenhauer music with a few projects in mind:
    • Playing music that was a little less folksy and a little more punk rock with band Podvig
    • Writing and playing in Sheree's band
    • Launching a carpentry career
    • Getting used to life as, you know, a father
  • All these factors have lead him to write songs around the ideas of Labour and Manhood

Here's a short, arty little video feature Jeremy and Sheree, accompanied by some video footage by the Zenga Bros.

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