Tuesday, December 06, 2011

christmas presence artist profiles | sheree plett

Up next in our series of CHRISTMAS PRESENCE artist profiles is Sheree Plett! Sheree will be playing Dec. 13th and 18th at PT and 17th in the Valley.

Sheree has been around Pacific Theatre for years! A long-time CHRISTMAS PRESENCE performer, she also played in JESUS, MY BOY alongside her husband (and fellow musician) Jeremy Eisenhauer.

A few more fun facts about Sheree:

-She just released a new album of children's music called Hello Night!
-She used to wear a signature t-shirt that said "100% Dreamer" on it - an identity she still lives up to today
-Her and husband Jeremy Eisenhauer have an adorable baby together, Henry
-She's buds with fellow PT-family members Lance Odegard, Jonathan Anderson, and many more
-Recent facebook update: "I have to admit, Beyonce is pretty talented!"

Here's is the launch video for Hello Night:

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