Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a christmas carol | silent auction

What happens when you build some amazing props for a show and have no where to store them when the show has closed?  Well you auction them off of course - to help with this year's Christmas Campaign!

Once again Pacific Theatre is hosting a Silent Auction.  This auction will take place at every performance of A Christmas Carol, and will be monitored online here on our blog.  You can make a bid at the theatre, or even make an electronic bid by sending an email with the amount of your bid and the item number to  All bidding will close at midnight on Dec. 31st!

Handcrafted wooden horse made as a prop for A Christmas Carol but had to be cut from the production.  It was built to hold the weight of a grown adult.  
Last Bid - Fran V. $200
Next Available Bid - $220
Guaranteed Buyout Price - $1000

Handcrafted wooden horses made as a prop for A Christmas Carol.  

Last Bid - Marlene V. $45
Next Available Bid - $50

A Christmas Carol runs at Pacific Theatre until Dec. 31st with added matinees on Dec. 27th and 28th.  

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