Wednesday, January 11, 2012

danny and the deep blue sea | meet aleks paunovic

We thought we'd start off your introductions to the creative team for DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA with none other than our Danny!  So here his is, Mr. Aleks Paunovic!

Fun facts about Aleks:
  • He originally hails from chilly Winnipeg
  • Before becoming an actor he played in a hard rock band
  • He also boxed and was a part of the Canadian Boxing Team at the Pre-Pan-American games
  • His first acting gig came from his first ever audition (how many actors get to say that?) for the HBO movie HEADS
  • Immediately hit with the acting bug, Aleks started training and working regularly
  • On top of being a boxer, musician, and actor, Aleks works frequently as a stunt man
  • After sustaining an injury that paused his boxing career, he decided to pass the time producing and co-hosting a travel show called DESTINATIONS
  • Since moving to Vancouver he has made a name for himself in the local Sci-Fi TV industry, working on BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, STARGATE ATLANTIS, SUPERNATURAL, FIREBALL, and more!

Now, Aleks might sound like a bit of a tough guy (probably because he is), but he's got a softer side too. Here's a video of him playing a little tune, proving tough guys can still sing a good ballad.

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