Friday, January 13, 2012

danny and the deep blue sea | meet lori triolo

Next up in our artist introductions for DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is Lori Triolo:

A few fun facts about Lori:

  • She runs the Cold Reading Series here in Vancouver, bringing actors, writers, and audiences together for a night of fun AND script development
  • Shanley himself called Lori the best "Theresa" he had ever seen in his play ITALIAN AMERICAN RECONCILIATION
  • In 1990 she helped build a 60-seat black box theatre in New York for Robert Deniro, Kenneth Branagh, and Talia Shire.  No big deal!
  • Her move to Vancouver consisted of a 3-week vacation to check out the TV and film scene that turned into a permanent relocation
  • She teaches the Meisner Technique here in Vancouver (which is good because she studied it with Meisner himself)

Check out a promo video about The Cold Reading Series featuring an interview with Lori:

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