Thursday, January 26, 2012

responses | danny and the deep blue sea

"I just wanted to say that the show was absolutely amazing! I have never seen a show in such an intimate setting. When DANNY blew the candle out at the same time as the lights dimmed I almost cried and it was one of the most beautiful theatre moments I've ever witnessed. I'm so glad I didn't miss out on a truly vulnerable and moving play." | audience email

"Watching the show is a relentless emotional experience. Just as you think your heart is going to break you get sucker punched with humour. ... The victories of both performances were in the little things: the set of Roberta’s jaw as she speaks of her past, Danny’s clenched fists as he tries to rein in his anger, the tender caresses, flying spittle and sexual energy that flies between the two actors." | Natasha Irvine, Converge Magazine

"Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is a thrill ride of play. In 80 intermission-less minutes, Director Jason Goode and his cast take the audience on an emotional journey that slingshots between guffawing humour, bleeding pity, wrenching tenderness, and outright terror." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR

"Paunovic and Triolo attack Shanley’s words with such strength and understanding that like any train wreck you simply can’t look away, no matter how hard you want to. At times these two are quite literally animals as Triolo beats her chest like a baboon challenging a predator and Paunovic the lumbering croc that belies its strength and speed. As the tables turn though, Paunovic’s transformation into Danny’s gentler side is as heart-wrenching as his portrayal of Danny’s violent self." | Mark Robins,

"It would be hard to leave the theatre after seeing this 90-minute pièce de théâtre without a sense of 'shock and awe.'" | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Just saw Danny and the Deep Blue Sea last evening. Wow!! It's like a modern day Beauty and the Beast, but with a rotating Beast. Amazing picture of how wonderful forgiveness is and how much we all need it, along with our need for confession. We spend so much time covering up our "sins" and pretending they don't exist or don't matter, when what we really need to do is admit they are there and receive forgiveness so we can get on with life, rather than getting stuck in a dark place. Thank you for yet another evening of amazing theatre." | Fiona Topp, facebook comment

"This was probably the most intimate and stunning theatre experiences I've ever had. What an impact. Other than these words plus the word "breathtaking," I'm speechless." | Travis Klassen, facebook comment

"Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is a story of faith and bravery. Danny and Roberta dare to believe in the possibility of creating something better for themselves. It is this faith, and the love they entrust to one another, that turns their make believe into a reality." | Zoe Grams, Paper Planes

"Stunningly honest and beautiful performances! A fantastic show that everyone should see!" | Melanie Reich, facebook comment

"Another amazing production -- Aleks Paunovic & Lori Triolo are riveting. A deep and dark play with surprising moments of humour, sweetness, & tenderness." | Marianne Holmlund Mendgen, facebook comment

"Went to see an awesome production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea starring Aleks Paunovic & Lori Triolo last night at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver!! Tickets still available- make sure you go see it!!!" | Sera-Lys Huck-McArthur, facebook comment

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@zoegrams: Lucky to see provoking, magnetic performances this weekend from Danny and the Deep Blue Sea @PacificTheatre
@barryhaglund: @loritriolo @PacificTheatre @alekspaun - Excellent matinee of Danny & the Deep Blue Sea today
@tarakjpratt: Thank you @PacificTheatre for such a wonderful, moving story. Go see Danny and the Deep Blue Sea #yvr #theatre peeps. Thanks @theatre_20!
@pixielate: A great show for Danny and the Deep Blue Sea @PacificTheatre!!

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