Wednesday, October 23, 2013

nov 30 | swing me high | under the canopy

Food for the soul and the body - Dinner Theatre from Sacred Canopy and our friends at the Eastside Story Guild

Swing Me High: The Exodus Story as told by the Eastside Story Guild
Nov 30 @ 5:45pm, showing at 7pm
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church (1803 East First Ave.)

How would the Hebrew children have perceived the enslavement of their people in ancient Egypt? How would they have understood the stand-off between Moses and Pharaoh, the ensuing plagues of cosmic proportions and the moment of final liberation? Join us for this telling of the familiar Bible story told by a cast of 40. Suitable for all ages.

Reserved seats: $20 (Presentation only - admission by donation)
To buy individual tickets or reserve a table of 8 call 604.803.1195 or email

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