Friday, October 04, 2013

oct 11-26 | of mice and men | rob olguin, sebastian kroon

Just found out that Rob Olguin is also in this show - JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN, STRETCH DOG, and ESPRESSO at the end of our current season.  And as we said before... PT audiences know Sebastian Kroon from MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD, THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED, and even THE MEAL (if you were watching closely). Check him out in this Steinbeck masterpiece by our friends at Hardline Productions.

Hardline Productions presents OF MICE AND MEN
Oct 11th - 26th @ Little Mountain Gallery (195 E 26th ave.)

 George and Lennie, two field workers in Depression-era California, try to scrape together enough cash to buy a home of their own. But when Lennie stirs up trouble on the job, George must decide between protecting his friend or pursuing his version of the American dream.

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