Wednesday, October 30, 2013

nov 6-10 | here breaks the heart | diane tucker

Diane Tucker shows up every now and then on the Soul Food blog. She's a Vancouver poet and novelist who also happens to serve on the Pacific Theatre board of directors. Deciding to try her hand at playwriting, Diane did a course with Lucia Frangione, and...  Her first play is being staged by a Calgary theatre company! Which itself has a strong connection with PT - a few years ago, I played THE TOP TEN THOUSAND OF ALL TIME for a week on that same stage. I'll be flying out to Calgary to see Diane's show - and checking out Craig Erickson in GATSBY on the same trip. Can't wait. 

Here Breaks The Heart: The Loves of Christina Rossetti
by Diane Tucker

Nov 6-10
Fire Exit Theatre, Calgary

Christina lives in a time and place where being a passionate, ambitious poet and a devout Victorian gentlewoman are considered mutually exclusive. She struggles with the creative freedom her bohemian brother enjoys and the certainty that Christian faith gives her pious sister. Can she have both what her society expects of her and what her unruly heart demands?

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