Thursday, October 24, 2013

oct 30-nov 30 | sleuth | francis boyle

Theatre in The Country is a new venture by Artistic Director Reg Parks, who was involved with Reel Light, and did his theatre training with Gilette Elvgren at Regent University. I had a blast at their production of MY FAIR LADY this summer, which featured Francis Boyle as Henry Higgins. Francis was a regular on our stage in the nineties, with notable roles in NAVY WIFE, DREAMS OF KINGS & CARPENTERS, and more - most recently, TWELVE ANGRY MEN. Francis is directing SLEUTH...

SLEUTH by Anthony Shaffer
9975 272 Street - Maple Ridge, BC

Andrew Wyke, a famous writer and accomplished games player, invites his estranged wife’s lover, Milo, to his home for a honest chat. It turns out to be anything but. It this battle, wits are only the first casualty. Milo has no idea of the type man he is up against. Soon, he finds himself caught up in Andrew's intricate game, in which there can only be one winner. Who is the master of the game – only those who see the final scene will know for sure – or will they?

Oct 30th - Nov 30th with Saturday & Sunday matinees (& luncheons, dinners and group shuttles available!)
More info & Tickets.

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