Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Subscriber Appreciation Saturday | Guest Producing

This past Saturday marked our second SAS of our 30th anniversary season. Ron chatted with Ruby Slippers' artistic director, and star of COMMUNION, Diane Brown as well as speaking with one of the producers of our Playground Series, Tina Teeninga.

We had a great conversation around guest producing, how it started happening at PT, what it means to our theatre and all the other theatres we've partnered with in the past. Our converstation sparked some of the following quotes:

"Guest productions are part of the ecology of a healthy theatre company." - Ron Reed

"Theatre is communion isn't it? When it's good. That's what we're going for." - Diane Brown 

"Restraints, obstructions and limitations can actually cause great freedom for an artist. I never meant to have these guest productions, but because of our limitations they came to be. That being said, the practice [of having guest productions] has been magnificent." - Ron Reed

Join us for the next Subscriber Appreciation Saturday on Saturday January 18th following the matinee of MEASURE FOR MEASURE. And if you haven't become a subscriber yet, it's not too late! Subscribe online today and don't miss another one of these fabulous events.

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