Wednesday, May 14, 2014

may 14 - 25 | pan and superman | adam bergquist

Before Adam Bergquist headed to Toronto for his MFA, you saw him at Pacific Theatre in shows like Last Train To Nibroc, A Man For All Seasons and The Busy World Is Hushed.  He's back!  And here's his inventive new project...

Tonight's the night. PAN AND SUPERMAN will be unleashed into the unsuspecting world.
A theatrical experience unlike anything you've ever seen, or participated in.
It's also a full moon!
And it's going to be the hottest day of the year so far so...
You may get hot.
You may get sweaty.
You may want to howl at the moon in joy or despair.
But I guarantee you will not fall asleep... until later... maybe.

Join me any night this week or next week (except Monday) at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (1895 Venebles) for a little jog and a little history and a little practical mythology. Wear your runners! (Yes, I'm serious, it's a show where I take you for a jog. Did you expect I was going to jog for you? Or talk to you about jogging for an hour?) The total distance covered in the run is 3km over a span of 45 minutes with periodic breaks for practical challenges. Difficulty is low if you're a seasoned runner, high if you're a couch potato with serious muscular atrophy.

May 14 - May 25

Tickets are available at:

*Seating is limited to 10 runners per show. It would be advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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