Thursday, May 22, 2014

pt at the jessies | 2014 nominations

We had an amazing time at the Jessies nominations party yesterday!  As announcer Dawn Petten put it - in some ways the nominations party is the best part of the Jessies, since it's just about celebrating everyone.  And we have a lot to celebrate!  PT got 14 nominations this year for THE SEAFARER and  THE FOREIGNER, plus a lot of our "PT artists" were honoured for other work.  Here's the rundown.

All the 2013-14 nominees. Photo by Lois Dawson.

John Voth - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
Peter Carlone - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Erla Faye Forsyth - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Lauchlin Johnston - Outstanding Set Design
Evan Frayne - Outstanding Direction
Outstanding Production


Ron Reed - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
John Emmet Tracy - Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
Tim Dixon - Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
Drew Facey - Outstanding Set Design
Sydney Cavanagh - Outstanding Costume Design
Luke Ertman - Outstanding Sound Design
Anthony F. Ingram - Outstanding Direction
Outstanding Production


Christopher David Gauthier was nominated for his body of work, which includes costumes for MEASURE FOR MEASURE.  Also from MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Emmelia Gordon and Julie McIsaac got acting nominations.  John Webber designed set and lights for COMMUNION on our stage, and was nominated for his work on ART and EXCEPT IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT OF WAR (written by PT artist Sean Devine).  Last time Gordon Roberts was on our stage was in THE SPITFIRE GRILL, and now he was nominated as a part of the orchestra for FLOYD COLLINS.  Horeshoes & Hand Grenade's Mindy Parfitt was nominated for the direction of ARMSTRONG'S WA.  More PT actors got nominations: you've seen Bob Frazer (THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT), Kayvon Kelly (MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD), and Sebastian Kroon (MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD) on our stage, and they were all nominated for their work.  Chelsea Haberlin will direct our apprentices next month and she was nominated for KILLER JOE, Richard Wolfe has directed at PT a number of times, most recently bringing THE MEAL to our stage, and he also got a nod.  Steven Greenfield was a part of the SPITFIRE GRILL gang, as was Caitriona Murphy, and they both got nominations as well - Steven for musical direction and Caitriona for her acting.   Then of course, there's the 7 other nominations that Drew Facey received, including one for Outstanding Body of Work, and Lauchlin Johnston's other set design nomination for KILLER JOE.

And that's just the surface!  There are a huge number of nominated artists in Vancouver this year and so many more that may not have received a nomination, but were truly excellent.  Congratulations to EVERYONE who made theatre happen in Vancouver this year!

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