Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Join the PT Family - Become an Apprentice

It's that time of year again! As most of you know, every season PT brings on 3-4 apprentices who go on to learn the ins and outs of running a theatre company, from box office and front-of-house to stage building and production management to administration and publicity to... well, everything. On top of it all they get the chance to get involved in PT mainstage shows and create their own projects!
Former apprentices have a few things to say about the program themselves:

"After graduating from University of Ottawa, most people thought I should have stayed in the town which I studied in to capitalize on the relationships that I had built over there. But PT held out a different opportunity for me to explore and step out in faith into a location that I didn't know, but into a passion that I loved: Directing. Very few other places allowed me an opportunity to be an apprentice to professional directors where I could interact with them on a more personal level. My favorite experiences were participating in developmental script readings, learning to get over my fear of heights and to be a part of so many delightful plays during the season (2007-2008). Some of the opportunities that came out of the apprenticeship because of the amazing relationships that were built here were: sequential yearly directing contracts with Gallery 7 and a costume designing contract with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and many more to come." - Joyce Chung

"The PT apprenticeship was a whirlwind of learning, experiencing, accomplishing, meeting, loving, succeding and failing. I learned so much in those months that will stay with me forever. Once you are in the PT family you are in for good. It took the skills I had learned in school and increased them, honed them and challanged them. I grew in my confidence as well as my practical experience. I would recommend it for anyone who is passionate about theatre and willing to give it everything they have." - Linsy Rotar

The official writeup on the program and application info is available here.

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