Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Lenten Discipline: Blogs?

Just got word from Nelson Boschman that Artisan, his new Yaletown church, is doing a collective project in the 40(ish) days leading up to Easter.
"The Lent Project is a creative, collaborative participation in the Lent season by the Artisan Vancouver community. On each of the forty days of Lent, we will post something that is intended to help us remember and prepare for the story of Christ's passion and resurrection. Comments for further reflection are most welcome."
Check it out here. Lots of PT folk involved at Artisan. Nelson is a jazz pianist who anchors the band for CHRISTMAS PRESENCE and the like, who'll be creating the sound score for REFUGE OF LIES. Lance Odegard is a singer/songwriter you also tend to see at those gigs, and I think he does music at Artisan? If I'm right, Rebecca and Mike deBoer, and Frank and Karina Nickel. Weekly gatherings start March 7.

And it happens that I started doing the same sort of thing a week or so ago. I wanted to dig back into scripture, I wanted to start actor prep for GODSPELL, and then it dawned on me that Lent must soon be kicking in.
"May 3, rehearsals will begin for Godspell, which opens May 28. February 17 is Ash Wednesday, when rehearsals begin for Easter, opening April 4. So it seems meet, right and salutary that we should prepare the way of the Lord. This being (ostensibly) "A Musical Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew," that's where I'll begin...."
Just me meandering my way through Matthew's gospel, and wherever else the script of GODSPELL decides to take me. Should end around the time GODSPELL starts up. You'll find it here.

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