Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jun 28 - Jul 30: Arts at Regent Summer School

Amazing arts line-up at Regent this year! Wow...

Regent 's summer programs combine study with a holiday in beautiful Vancouver. Connect with others who are hungry for God, who want solid scholarship and thoughtful answers. Learn in courses like: Maxine Hancock, Jesus in Literature; Alan Jacobs, Potter and Friends: Christianity and Contemporary Fantasy; Jeanne Murray Walker, Writing to Revive Broken Truth; Jeremy Begbie, Theology Transposed: Re-Discovering the Gospel through the Arts; Bruce Kuhn, Truth Telling by Story; Marilyn McEntyre, Poetry and Prose of Earthkeeping; James K.A. Smith, Christian Theology and Fin de si├Ęcle Literature; Mako Fujimura, The Art of Nihonga: Basic Technique and Theological Implications...and many more! Visit for more information.

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