Friday, February 26, 2010

Mar 2-13: Kat Gauthier in MATT AND BEN

Remember Sky from YOU STILL CAN'T? Had the big crush on Dave? Well, that lovely performance was by Kat Gauthier, who'll be playing Ben Affleck (!) in a show that opens a week from now. Not the first time she's played a guy: Kat played several characters in our gender-blind production of REMNANTS a few years back. I'm not going to miss it. Are you kidding? A movie nut like me, miss the "origin story" of Good Will Hunting?

Hello Friends,

Just a reminder that Fighting Chance Productions' Matt and Ben opens NEXT WEEK: March 4th and runs Tuesday-Saturday until the 13th. I would be overjoyed to see you all there and share in this hilarious story of the unlikely friendship between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck before they were house-hold names. Plus, when else can you see my strut my stuff at Ben Affleck?

More information at Fighting Chance Productions (including an interview with me about all sorts of things).

For those of you who lack funds (as I know a lot of us do... There are two previews March 2-3 which are $12). The show is at the Havana Theatre and you can get tickets through Tickets Tonight. If you come, make sure to stick around after so I can say HELLO! Or maybe even get a wee treat at the Havana.

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