Friday, February 26, 2010

Mar 11 - Apr 11: PT Takes Over The Arts Club! PARADISE GARDEN

Morris Ertman's in town to direct. Which wouldn't be all that unusual, except he's not in town to direct at Pacific Theatre. Lucia Frangione's new play PARADISE GARDEN opens in a couple weeks, and look who's sharing the Stanley stage wih Cia...

Arts Club Theatre Company presents...

Written by Lucia Frangione
Starring Gina Chiarelli (Agnes of God, The Fever), Lucia Frangione (Espresso, Cariboo Magi, Holy Mo, The Foreigner...), Michael Kopsa (Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Hospitality Suite, Shadowlands, The Woodsman...), Meghan Gardiner, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Newman, Marie Stillin
Director Morris Ertman

A modern romance against all odds


Local boy Day, a free spirit, lives next door to worldly Layla, a career-driven intellectual. The two have nothing in common. Or do they? Over time these divergent souls come to understand each other in a way neither thought possible. A contemporary tale of romance and cultural divides so engaging it will change the way you see the girl (or boy) next door!

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