Thursday, February 04, 2010

Luci Shaw | Harvesting Fog

Soul Foodie Luci Shaw has a new poetry collection that's just come out, called "Harvesting Fog":
"In arid coastal areas of South America, locals hang rags outside until they're saturated with fog. They wring out this water, all year long, as a means of survival. They call it 'harvesting fog.' And that is a lot like writing poems."
Hope it's got the one about the village in France with all the stone, and martyrs' blood. And the one about the couple and death. . .

And until you get yourself a copy, you can bide your time with these pieces of Luci's from the Oblations blog; Walls, On Retreat, December, Madonna and Child with Saints, Act Now To Avoid Prize Entry Forfeiture, and a new one, No, I'm Not Hildegarde. Oh, and this - Garrison Keillor reading one of Luci's funnest poems aloud: Pink

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