Friday, February 19, 2010

Live Music with Hockey Dad Feb. 17-20 & 23-27

Every night before More Than Gold's presentation of HOCKEY DAD: A PLAY IN 3 PERIODS on the PT stage there will be a live musical performance including some wonderful acts you won't want to miss. The shows start at 7:30pm every night. Here's the schedule:

Feb. 17: Jacob Moon

Feb. 18: Anna Vandas (remember her from PRESENCE and CHRISTMAS PRESENCE?)
Feb. 19 & 20: Jacob Moon

Feb. 23: Greg Sczebel
Feb. 24: Andrew Smith and Norm Strauss
Feb. 25-27: Greg Sczebel

Other More Than Gold events being held at PT include THIS WAY DANCE PRODUCTION (tonight!) and RICH SWINGLE: BEYOND THE CHARIOTS Feb. 24-27 at 2:30pm.

Oh, maybe not the Greg guy. Looks like he flew the coop. I went to HOCKEY DAD last night, and heard Nelson Boschman in his place: a fine last-minute substitution, I must say, played hard, scored two short-handed goals. But if you want to hear Greg Sczebel, I think you need to fly to Toronto...

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